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François Bel

A new way of looking at wildlife 

A new way of looking at wildlife 

A new way of looking at wildlife 

François Bel made a mark on the history of wildlife filmmaking with his three feature films – The Territory of Others, Fang and Claw and The Ark and the Deluge. He pioneered a new style, a new way of looking at wildlife.

Le territoire des autres, un film de François Bel

The result of seven years of filming…

European wildlife documentary The Territory of Others depicts a world where humans do not speak, act or even exist, it is “the territory of others”.

The film engages our senses, asking us to be as open-minded as a lone traveller crossing the boundaries of another world.

La griffe et la dent un film de François Bel

Fang and Claw is the first film made ‘withanimals rather thanaboutanimals.

Shot over two years in Eastern Africa, the film presents a real world where processions of animals are transformed by the night. A world of big cats that use ‘fang and claw’ as survival weapons.

L'arche et les déluges un film de François Bel

The Ark and the Deluge narrates a legend, something akin to a fable.

It describes the birth of the world, the power of water and harmonious earthly paradises, imagining what might happen if the apocalypse were to come. 

Score by Gabriel Yared

Jacques Perrin

talks about François Bel…

Actor, director and producer Jacques Perrin authored several wildlife feature films, including Winged Migration, Oceans and Seasons. Jacques Perrin was also a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts de l’Institut de France and of 

the François Bel Foundation.

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